Foods That Build Muscle FAST

Your muscles are not built just by working out – in fact, eating foods that build muscle can have a huge impact on your results, cutting the amount of time it takes for you to develop your muscles by as much as 50%. What are the right foods, you ask? Read on.

Lean Meats

Lean meats such as chicken, turkey and fish are all great sources of protein. Most people do not realize that other meats, a hamburger patty for example, can have as much as 80% of their calories coming from fat rather than protein.

Obviously, having a lot of fat in your system is going to make it hard for you to gain muscle. The best way to make sure your body has the protein it needs to build your muscles without jamming fat into your system is to eat lean meats.

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables provide your body with essential nutrition and energy that your body needs to rebuild your muscles after a workout. Apples, berries, oranges are all highly recommended by fitness professionals.


Nuts are a great way to add foods that build muscle to your diet. Adding nuts to your diet will get you the essential fatty acids your body needs. Essential fatty acids are basically proteins that your body can not produce on its own – It has to get from foods.

One great source of these essential fatty acids are nuts, especially raw nuts tend to have their nutritional value preserved.

Eggs, Egg Whites

One very common and very inexpensive source of body building protein is egg whites. There's a bit of controversy in the bodybuilding world on whether or not egg yolks are bad for you. Egg yolks are high in cholesterol, though others believe that as long as you cut down on the fat the cholesterol in foods will not actually translate to cholesterol in the blood.

In the end it's a personal choice. That said, everyone knows that egg whites is a great source of protein, whether you take out the yoke or not. Either way, eggs are high on the list of foods that build muscle.

Warning: Do not Eat Processed Foods!

Avoid fried foods, as they tend to have absorbed a lot of oil. Eat as much natural food as you can. Avoid foods that have been processed, canned foods for example. High fat foods like pizzas should absolutely be avoided.

In addition to adding fat to your body, processed foods often contain chemicals that will slow down your thinking. You'll find yourself less sharp and less determined during your workouts.

All in All …

If you feed your body a diet of lean meats and nutrient-rich proteins, fruits and vegetables and other nourishing foods like egg whites and nuts, while avoiding processed foods, then you'll be well on your way to building a rock solid body. Remember: The foods you eat are just as important, if not more important than your workout routine. That's why you should choose to eat foods that build muscle .

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